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Testimonials are strictly prohibited by SEC Rule 206(4)-1(a)(1) of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. This is not unique to Jason or his firm, this industry rule applies to all persons bound by the strictest rules of Investment Advisers.

The most we can say is that it is true many of our best clients are referred to us by our best clients.

Question: Why can’t I find more about you on Social Media such as Linked In, Facebook, and others?

Answer: It is primarily due to the SEC Rule 206(4)-1(a)(1) that we are forced to disable tools such as endorsements, likes, comments and other interactive tools on our social media presence. These rules have been interpreted in such a restrictive nature when applied to Social Media that we have decided to only engage with these tools in a limited capacity. We maintain a presence on some of these sites because we know our customers want to find us this way. Additional advertising rules make use of these tools difficult, costly, and sometimes prohibitive. We are required to pay an archiving service to record all activity on these sites. What manages to be a relatively low cost and effective form of marketing for many businesses has been regulated into a very expensive, and time consuming method of communicating for our profession.

Question: I found lots of testimonials on other advisors sites, why don’t you have any testimonials?

Answer: The other advisor may not be fully aware of the rules if they are licensed the same as Jason. The more likely answer is that they are not licensed as an Investment Adviser Representative. Some professionals are not bound by the higher standards and strict rules as prescribed under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. Often times these types of representatives are selling a handful of financial products that manage to escape the supervision required by the Act of 1940.

Question: How do I get to know you better if I can’t check you out online?

Answer: You can verify our registrations, certifications, and licenses on the issuing authority’s websites. Our website should have a small floating image to check Jason out on Broker Check by FINRA.  You are welcome to visit with Jason face to face or over the phone without any obligation. We know you want to meet Jason and his team to see if you feel we can help you work towards your goals. We want to learn more about you and see if our team is right for you and your family.

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