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Eldercare and Far Horizon Planning

Helping you care for your loved ones is a specialty at Washo Financial.  Sometimes adult children find themselves needing to help their parents.  And at other times, spouses realize it is time to ensure a trusted advisor will be there to help care and guide their bride or groom.  Maintaining a personalized approach to cash flow needs, ensuring emergency funds are adequate and being prepared for the unexpected financial demands of elder concerns can be a full time job.  Jason has helped many families and couples through these challenges.  As a CPA Personal Financial Specialist, Jason Washo has access to valuable eldercare planning resources through the AICPA.  This information along with being a Certified Financial Planner professional makes Jason a knowledgeable resource for your family and loved ones.  Please click here if you prefer we contact you.

Most people have had or used insurance through their lives.  Home and Auto, Life, Health, maybe Disability insurance.  Something a little less common but very important is Long Term Care insurance.  Some folks have decided to self insure or pay for these costs out of pocket.  Some have decided to place this financial risk in the care of an insurance company.  One unique way to handle this risk is through hybrid long term care policies.

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